5 Things You Didn´t Know About  Our Flag

5 Things You Didn´t Know About Our Flag


1. The first Flag Day was celebrated on February 24th 1940.

2. Its colors represent our Nation´s Ideals (green), the purity of our National Unity (white), and the bloodshed by our Mexican heroes (red)

3. Whenever there´s the need to replace a flag replica, it must be incinerated.

4. The first object to be called as a flag was the Virgen de Guadalupe banner, which was held by the priest Miguel Hidalgo.

5. The modern design of our flag shield was designed by the architects Francisco Eppens Helguera and Pedro Moctezuma Días Infante and was presented on February 24th 1969.

5 Things you didnt Know about … Your kids´ development in this pandemic

5 Things you didnt Know about … Your kids´ development in this pandemic

  • RESPONSIBILITY: All students have learnt that they are the only ones to blame when something is not delivered on time, and also the only ones to praise when they deliver everything on time.
  • TOLERANCE: They have to deal wether with other kids who have a poor internet connection or doesn’t get the concepts as fast as them or with they themselves dealing with their wifi or their doubts.
    -INDEPENDENCE: Our kids were forced to make all their school tasks by themselves.
  • RESILIENCE: They now know that everyone makes mistakes, the difference is how fast and well one recovers from them.
  • THECH SAVVY: They are very well informed and some are even proficient in the use of modern technology like iPad, Google Suit, Design, Thinking, Reading and Math Apps, that will help them throughout their professional lives.
5 things you didn’t know about Food

5 things you didn’t know about Food

1. Each year 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste allover the world, 20 million of those are wasted in Mexico City alone.
2. Rice is the most eaten food in the world.

3. Hot Dogs are extremely dangerous for kids. Not for their carbs but because kids that don’t chew properly can suffocate with a big chunk of sausage according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

comida desperdiciada

4. The myth about how carrots help enhancing our eyesight is a total lie! The rumor was created by the British Army on the Second World War to protect the secret of their radar technology, they just said their soldiers ate a lot of carrots.

5. Potatoes, apples and onions taste the same! To our taste buds at least, they are decoded the same way so if you have the flu they will have the same taste, or lack there of.

5 things you didn’t know about rabbits:

5 things you didn’t know about rabbits:

1. Rabbits are the third-most abandoned animals in shelters. Three words: adopt, don’t buy!
2. Rabbits purr when they’re happy. It’s not the same as a cat’s purr, though. It sounds like teeth chattering or light chomping.
3. Rabbits eat their droppings because they need to digest twice. 

4. They jump like crazy when they are super happy, it’s not that they have lost their marbles.
5. Their main food is not carrots but hey, it keeps their teeth, which are constantly growing, worn down and keeps their tummies healthy.

You Didn’t Know About Mandalas

You Didn’t Know About Mandalas

1. The term mandala directly translates to “circle” in Sanskrit.

2. Originally they were used to study Buddhism and Rigveda, but it can be seen in other religions and philosophies too like the Mayan.

3. Tibetan monks create mandalas out of sand and after weeks of hard work, they sweep it in one stroke to show the impermanence of things.

4. Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist , is credited with bringing the mandala to western cultures.

5. Drawing mandalas can help you solve life problems, it allows you to set your thinking aside and enable your intuition to speak.