For each one of us, Women’s Day celebration may differ. Some may not even celebrate this day. Not because they don’t want to, but because they are women, who don’t just live for themselves, they live for their loved ones too.

Woman! You have been inspiring, caring, loving, working, sacrificing and doing so much for the sake of others. For all that you do, you deserve much more than this day which salutes your spirit, which demands equal rights and women empowerment, which reminds that violence is no weapon for a tender soul. You deserve your ‘me’ time. Break free from the boundaries; let the kitchen and office miss you. Be with your own self and do something that pleases your heart. Still thinking of what to do? Here are 5 ‘must do’ recommendations for you: 

  • Pamper yourself with shopping and spaDon’t bother about the price tags. If you love and wish to shop something, drop it in your cart. Not because it’s your day today but because you deserve it. Unwind and get pampered by spending your day at the salon. Ease out your stress with spa therapies. Undergo a makeover, take a haircut, and try a hair spa or any ritual at the salon that pleases you.
  • Dine with your loved onesGo dining at the best places in town with the ones you love. Gorge on something delicious without counting calories and caring about the bills. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, sip soothing beverages and make good memories with your loved ones.
  • Follow your dream/passion – Join a hobby classIndulge in your hobbies that give you joy and peace of mind. Whether you love painting, cooking, swimming or just anything that you always wanted to pursue. Join a hobby class and give a boost to your talent.
  • Go for a health check-upWhat better than gifting yourself good health? Take out some time to care for your body, get it examined and stay rest assured by opting for a health insurance, overcome your health-blocks, if any and embrace a healthy life.