1. Brain Freeze is a rapid-onset headache, this happens when two blood vessels that bring blood to your brain expand.
2. Yawning doesn´t wake us up; it cools us down. Our body temperature drops as we fall asleep, and yawning helps quicken the process.

3. Your mind isn´t playing tricks on you when you “See Stars”, all cells within the human body let off light that your brain usually ignores, but when you apply pressure to your eyes you create more (biophotons) and you can see light.
4. Itchiness comes from your brain, nerve cells far from the irritation site release specialized molecules that tell your brain it´s time to scratch. scientists believe that scratching creates a mild pain that relieves the itching.
5. Your taste is off after your brush your teeth. The two chemicals that cause your toothpaste to get foamy suppress the receptors on your taste buds that perceive sweetness.