1. You could spend two-thirds of a year trying to see every piece of the Louvre.

2. You can sit in the museum and paint, but there´s a two-year waiting list and you can only be there for 2 or three months.

3. It´s still home to one other institution: a school. You can get your degree in Art History.

4. Painter Pablo Picasso was once accused of stealing the Mona Lisa. The real thief was Vincenzo Perugia. Later on, Picasso was the only living artist with some of his art shown on that museum.

5. The artwork isn´t alive but it does move. Every once in a while the art can be shared with other museums or be restored.
Want to visit?  https://www.cntraveler.com/video/watch/a-view-of-the-louvre-in-paris-france