1. Each year 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste allover the world, 20 million of those are wasted in Mexico City alone.
2. Rice is the most eaten food in the world.

3. Hot Dogs are extremely dangerous for kids. Not for their carbs but because kids that don’t chew properly can suffocate with a big chunk of sausage according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

comida desperdiciada

4. The myth about how carrots help enhancing our eyesight is a total lie! The rumor was created by the British Army on the Second World War to protect the secret of their radar technology, they just said their soldiers ate a lot of carrots.

5. Potatoes, apples and onions taste the same! To our taste buds at least, they are decoded the same way so if you have the flu they will have the same taste, or lack there of.