By Coach Mily
1. Bees love to dance. When a bee is inspecting a new nest, a shake is used to announce it to the others and in no time there will be 20 or 30 bees “dancing”.

2. Bees can use tools. To protect themselves from Killer Wasps bees use other animal stools on the hive´s entrance.

3. Bees droppings almost cause another confrontation in The Cold War. In 1980 people in Laos and Cambodia thought their yellow droppings were chemical residue, luckily it was all explained by experts and nothing else happen.

4. Bumblebees get moody when hungry. Due to global warming, they wake up earlier from their winter hibernation and start chewing on non-blossomed flowers making them open sooner to be used as food.

5. Humans have been exploiting bees for a million years. Some rock paintings in Spain show a man picking up a bee from some stairs, and bee wax has been found on some vases that have more than 9,000 years, and honey has been discovered on some Egyptian tombs